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Mortgage Broker

Jeff Koch isn’t exactly new to Vail Valley real estate, especially where mortgage lending is concerned. With over 35 years in the real estate and mortgage industry in the Vail Valley.

As a Singletree resident since 1990 and representative on the Avon Preserve Trail Committee, founding member of the VBR’s Affiliates Program and the Edwards Rotary Club, Jeff sites his claim to fame is closing over $1,000,000,000 in local loans and having “financed pretty much every Condominium in the valley.”


Our capabilities

Private label lending

Condotel loan programs:

Limited Documentation Loans

Mortgage Loans

Vail Village - Jeff Koch Mortgage Broker
Out of the box loans - Jeff Koch Mortgage Broker
Vail , CO aerial view - Jeff Koch Mortgage Broker
Our goals:

"Help small business owners make better financial decisions."

Private label lending

Broker are able to lend “Outside the box” to offer you & your clients a variety of traditional loan options.
Here are just a few of my most recent loan profiles:

Condotel loan programs:

When it comes to condotels, financing opportunities can be hard to find A mortgage this good is worth showing off.

Here is a glimpse into our condotel loan programs:

condotel Loan process - Jeff Koch Mortgage Broker
Loans broker always ready to help - Jeff Koch Mortgage Broker
man signing documents - Jeff Koch Mortgage Broker
Our goals:

"Help small business owners make better financial decisions."

It's Baaaaaack .....(kind ot)

No Income to Qualify. No Job Necessary. No Tax Returns Required.


Out of the box loans - Jeff Koch Mortgage Broker

►Primary Residents & Second Homes

►-,. Credit Underwritten Based on LTV, FICO, & Liquidity

►.,. Debt-to-Income Not Calculated

►Loans Up to $3 Million

►Up to 75% LTV

Apply Bank Loan

Review Your Loan

Approved Bank Loan

New Limited Documentation Loans Programs

Koch Mortgage represents new and innovative lending programs that address the regulatory rules imiting prime borrowers’ access to lending by eliminating unnecessary documents that are not part of the credit underwriting decision and limit prime, credit worthy access to credit.
New Limited Documentation Loans Programs - Jeff Koch Mortgage Broker

Highlights of Limited Documentation Loans Program



►Real Estate Investors

►Newly Self-Employed

►Seasonal & Gig Workers

►Volatile or Irregular Income

►Self-Employed / Small Business Owners Owners & Employees of Cash Businesses

Reverse Lending

Use a Reverse Mortgage to Purchase Your Dream Mountain Home

Moving To Vail Valley

With Loans Up to $4,000,000


Enjoy Life With No Worries - Jeff Koch Mortgage Broker

Qualification to Reverse .


- Must be 62 years of age or older.

Primary Home

- Occupy the property as your primary home.


Sufficient income to cover the recurring monthly expenses

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